Dr John Fletcher
Harthill, Reediehill Farm,
Auchtermuchty, Fife, KY14 7HS

As a veterinarian working solely with deer and as the first commercial deer farmer in Europe we are uniquely placed to provide advice to new and established deer farmers.

Reediehill deer farm has played a crucial role in the development of deer farming in the UK and Europe from the late 1970s and our advice and consultancy has led to the establishment of deer farming enterprises in the UK, Europe, USA, the Far East and New Zealand. Reediehill was awarded the Queen’s Award for Export in 1990 following the establishment of deer farms in Japan.

Over the past few years this advice has been provided through a collaboration with Dick Playfair and Alan Sneddon trading as the Venison Advisory Service Ltd. (VAS) based in Scotland. Some twenty new deer farms have been established in Scotland through VAS to cater for the well documented growth in demand for venison. Although the main source of venison is from the wild deer cull, the volume from the wild is static and growth in demand can only be met by growing the volume of farmed deer. The new deer farms in Scotland are substantial by UK standards with many projected to reach 500 to 1000 hinds.





The 2nd & 3rd photos by John Burdge