Dr John Fletcher
Harthill, Reediehill Farm,
Auchtermuchty, Fife, KY14 7HS

For cases involving poaching, welfare. valuations and planning applications

‘Although I have general experience as an expert witness in court cases involving a variety of animal species it is clearly with deer that I am uniquely qualified both as a veterinary surgeon and a deer farmer with both an academic and a practical background.  This equips me very well to act authoritatively in cases involving cross examination.

My experience is with both wild and farmed deer covering not only their welfare but the transport of deer, the handling and sale of venison, the handling and capture of deer worldwide, the value of farmed deer, park deer, wild deer and their trophies, even the arts of painting and writing about deer. For very many years I operated my own purpose built truck transporting deer and driving the vehicle myself to virtually every country in Europe. Within Britain I captured deer at Balmoral and moved them to Windsor to reintroduce deer to the Great Park and I worked for about ten years as a consultant to the New Zealand stock agency, Dalgety, locating deer throughout Europe and organising their transportation to New Zealand.

As a result of this breadth of experience I have acted as expert witness in many cases involving not only the welfare of deer, but also the poaching of wild deer, planning applications for deer farms, identification of deer, and the valuations of deer for insurance and other purposes.  Most of these cases have involved cross examination. During the 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease I worked as an officially appointed valuer of deer compulsorily slaughtered.  I have had particular experience in acting as an expert witness in cases concerning arbitration between landowners and government bodies charged with protecting the natural environment.’