Dr John Fletcher
Harthill, Reediehill Farm,
Auchtermuchty, Fife, KY14 7HS

Raised by specialists for excellent breeding stock

For John Fletcher working with red deer on the Isle of Rum for his PhD was the beginning of a love affair with the deer which has never ended. 

Since 1973 when John and his wife, Nichola Fletcher, started to farm red deer at Reediehill Farm in Auchtermuchty, Scotland they have sold red deer as breeding stock to new deer farms.

Their deer have provided the foundation stock for deer farming enterprises in the UK, Europe, USA, the Far East and New Zealand. Reediehill was awarded the Queen’s Award for Export in 1990 following the establishment of deer farms in Japan. They have provided deer to over thirty deer farms in France as well as to almost every other country in Europe.

Despite the growing availability of deer from the increasing number of new deer farms they continue to supply healthy, commercial red deer breeding stock. Usually these are sold as young females or adult stags for either the home or export markets.

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